Hormones And Acne Are Related

If a significant change to the symptoms of acne is noticed by taking milk out of the diet, then so should milk products be stopped as well. These include ice creams, cheese, creamer and milkshakes. Limited the intake of these items may stop the acne from getting worse. Finding substitutes or non dairy products for these items could be recommended. Soy products could be consumed instead. There is a steady increase in the supply to the market of these. Soy yogurt and tofu are some examples.

Cystic acne and nodules which are symptoms of severe acne would require a visit to the doctor. These are the toughest type of acne to treat. Sometimes the dermatologist may administer a corticosteroid injection into the lesions to promote the healing process. This can also help in reducing the inflammation caused by this severe type of acne. The urge to pop or pick these types of nodules should strictly be controlled. This is in order to avoid severe scarring and even the possibility of permanent damage to the skin.

Toothpaste is a readily available and could help in drying out the pustules. Applying it at night on top of the pimple before going to bed will help. It can also help in curing the spots. Already existing blemishes will be reduced as well.

One thing that needs to be taken care of during exercise is clothing. Loose absorbent clothing would help in not only absorbing sweat but also in preventing a type of acne known as acne mechanica. This is a form of acne caused by heat, friction and constant contact between the skin and tight clothing or athletic gear if worn. Synthetic fibre clothing especially the ones used in jogging or yoga outfits could cause this type of acne. Simply wearing the right type of clothes presents a cure.

Many acne victims notice their acne reducing when they reduce their milk intake. Milk is thought to aggravate acne by the hormones it contains. Processing the milk possibly increases the hormones in it. Therefore skimmed milk should be avoided.

Injecting cows with growth hormone is thought to increase their milk production. This hormone gets secreted into the milk we drink as well. Although this hormone does not get absorbed into the body to effect any further biological changes. There are present in the milk of lactating cows the hormones of the cows themselves as well. During pregnancy these hormones increase in production.

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